The Winners

Winner 2019

Isaac Chong Wai (Hong Kong): Rehearsal of the Futures: Police Training Exercises, 2018

With his video installation “Rehearsal of the Futures: Police Training Exercises”, Isaac Chong Wai (29) from Hong Kong won the first place of Blooom Award by Warsteiner 2019. The starting point of his work are worldwide protest actions as well as those in his hometown Hong Kong. The movements of the performers at a slow speed make the police training sessions that have been recreated appear less threatening, but rather calming. Isaac Chong Wai questions the intentions of these exercises.

Winner 1st Place: Isaac Chong Wai with Rehearsal of the Futures: Police Training Exercises 
© Hubertus Struchholz

Winner of the special category music video 2019

Daniel Brandt (Band: BrandtBrauerFrick from Germany): Masse

Daniel Brandt (35 years old) from Wiesbaden wins the special category music video of Blooom Award by Warsteiner 2019. With his band BrandtBrauerFrick he created an interactive music video for the song Masse. The idea for the video to the song is based on the concept for a concert, which could be performed like this in the future. Ten musicians of an ensemble are distributed in different rooms, which can be accessed by viewers. Thus, it is not only possible to dive three-dimensionally into the different levels of the music, but also to experience the interaction of all instruments in a separate room via sound and video stream.

Winner of the special category music video: Daniel Brandt with Masse
© Hubertus Struchholz

Winner 2018

Joseph Wilcox, In Search of Martin Klein

With his video work In Search of Martin Klein, Joseph Wilcox (34 years old) from Grand Rapids, USA, impressed the jury and thus earned first place. In his video, the artist, who is fascinated by conspiracy theories, tells the story of a certain Martin Klein. This person, whom he discovered while browsing a web forum, aroused his interest through a series of mysterious posts, so that Wilcox decided to document his ambiguous discoveries about Martin Klein’s personality in a film.

Joseph Wilcox, In Search of Martin Klein, First Place 2018
© Warsteiner / Hubertus Struchholz

Winner of the special category music video 2018

Drew Kirsch, All the Kids are Depressed

In the category music video, which celebrated its premiere last year at Blooom Award by Warsteiner, another worthy winner was chosen with Drew Kirsch from Venice, USA, who receives a prize money of 500 Euros. With “All the kids are depressed” (Song by Jeremy Zucker) Drew has created a music video whose theme and message will always be up to date and gives hope to all the people concerned. “People have been battling depression since we were put on earth and it will probably still remain an issue when we leave”, states Drew Kirsch.

Drew Kirsch, All the Kids are Depressed, Winner of the Special Category Music Video 2018
© Warsteiner / Hubertus Struchholz

Winner 2017

Julian Harper, It’s Getting Hot In This Cosby Sweater

Julian Harper from Provo, Utah (USA) stood out among 2,300 applicants from 90 countries with his video “It’s Getting Hot In This Cosby Sweater“. He uses his art to explore his relationship to other people in terms of race and performance. In his video, he slips into the role of a well-known TV character of the ‘90s.

Julian Harper, It’s Getting Hot In This Cosby Sweater, First Place 2017
© Warsteiner / Martin Moritz

Winner of the special category music video 2017

Michael Klich, Hallo Frosch

For the first time, the new category music video was awarded: Michael Klich from Germany prevailed against the other applicants with his music video “Hallo Frosch” (“Hello Frog”).

Michael Klich, Hallo Frosch (Hello Frog), Winner of the Special Category Music Video 2017
© Warsteiner / Martin Moritz

Winner 2016

Matthias Danberg, Sculptures

Modern technology, antique characters, cubist forms: Matthias Danberg’s Video “Sculptures“ immerses the viewer in a completely new, fascinating world. The judges panel chose the work of the German artist out of more than 2,000 applications from 84 countries. Since then, he has been able to benefit from the expertise of his mentor Walter Gehlen and will visit the Art Basel Miami Beach or Art Basel Hong Kong in December 2017.

Winner 2015

Liat Livni, Jerusalem Boulevard, Jaffa

Israeli artist Liat Livni prevailed against more than 1,500 applications from 74 countries in 2015. Livni convinced with her detailed wood-work “Jerusalem Boulevard, Jaffa”, in which she deals with the effects of time on the Jerusalem Boulevard in Tel Aviv. Already during the exhibition of her work at Blooom her winner-piece was sold. “It was amazing, that the award appreciated and confirmed my work as an artist.”

Winner 2014

Samira Elagoz, Four Kings

Educated dancer Samira Elagoz, who comes from Finland but lives in the Netherlands, impressed the jury in 2014 with her first video work ever. The non-budget documentation “four kings” shows what Samira experienced in intimate meetings with strangers, who answered her ad „READ ME“ online. After her success at Blooom Award by Warsteiner her video-art has been presented at galleries in Tokyo and New York and Elagoz has been selected for several “Artist in Residence”-programs.

Winner 2013

Igor Simic, The Thinker In The Supermarket

What happens when we use humanity and nature to make profit? Igor addresses this question in his 2013 winner work „The Thinker In The Supermarket“. After his win, he received international acknowledgement by receiving the chance to show his films at the official selection of the Edinburgh International Film Festival and at the Frankfurt Biennale. In 2015 his short film „OUR GUARDIANS (a little homage)“ was screened at Festival de Cannes.

Winner 2012

Johanna Flammer, Stolo On White 4

Johanna Flammer combines paintings with pictures of colored hair into collages. Blooom Award by Warsteiner 2012 has been an important springboard to the artist from Düsseldorf, Germany: “To me this was an exiting time with amazing meetings, that led me to a new big step. Also working with my mentor Walter Gehlen gave me the opportunity to participate in projects and exhibitions, which I could never attend without the award – up to now!” After she won the price Flammer has been incorporated in two international famous programs and presents her works nowadays at big art fairs. In 2014 her works have been presented by renowned Berlin gallerist Michael Schultz. In May 2016 she participated with her works at an exclusive show during the Taiwanese art fair Formosa 101 Art Fair and afterwards in a solo-exhibition at the gallery Grand Siècle, Taipeh.

Winner 2011

Lukas Franciszkiewicz, beta

Lukas convinced the jury with his sociocritical video work „beta“. „beta“ questions if the increasing digital and social networking not only opens up new possibilities and potentials, but also may lead to an automatic dependency. In 2014, Lukas successfully completed the Royal College of Art.

Winner 2010

Anna Kubelik, Movigami

Anna Kubelik won the first Blooom Award by Warsteiner back in 2010 with her paper ceiling installation „Movigami“. „Movigami“ combines architecture with interior, light and music.